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The Franciscan Habit


The Franciscan Habit

The Franciscan “habit” is a full-length robe designed in the form of a cross. Originally made of rough, unbleached, homespun wool, today it can be made of other types of material as well. It is brown in colour, though gray or even white is sometimes used by friars living in warmer climes. The habit is tied at the waist by a white cord. Three knots at one end of it recall the three Gospel vows which are at the base of the Franciscan life.

The habit is a strong spiritual symbol and is worn by all Franciscans for special festive occasions and gatherings and in various ministries when appropriate. Some use it as their everyday wear, but many prefer modern clothes. Finally, others have opted for a shorter version of the habit (something almost like a brown “hoodie”). This permits greater mobility than the long habit and is not so different from modern clothes.



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